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Jet Pack / No cap

наличка — Big Ben, кинул в Louie backpack, е, е.
Оставь себе свой cashback, е, е.
Все подарки в мешке, на спине мой jetpack (Telly G). 

 З-з-запах холодной

Bad Bitch / Chosen ( feat. JustGrady )

Bad bitch she gripping dick just like a gun 
She wake up early morning and she shaking ass for fun 
We in the telly going up so tell yo friends 

Wizard Kelly
Wave Montega

T asked me if I'm ready, said im ready
He put 10 up in the pot I put 20
I'm in the stu with my lychee and Remy
I made a lotta bands up out the telly

Turnt Up

gonna leave with who's getting naughty
Gonna keep taking shots and move it to the telly
Girl take them jeans off show me that you're ready
Show me that

Bad Boy
B. Picasso

I'm Nelly Nelly 
Intercontinental key card top floor of the telly telly 
I just met this broad she saw my whip and she was wetty ready 
I look like

Side Eye

They gotta give me like twenty a show
I’m back on the road
I hit a telly with bitches I don’t even know, We back on the road
And she got some hang

The Pledge
Elly Elz

She feel my dick in her belly
Shorty, ready
I gotta get me a Telly
Swipe, ready
Wheew, wetty 
The knots in my pockets is heavy
This 40

Azz Back ’19
Jalen McMillan

telly posted with some bitches (with some bitches)
We got a connect for the blow (for the blow)
Ella tiene un buen culo (culo, culo)
Ella tiene un buen

Ghetto Girls

just to find Telly 
How she get the number I ain't give the celly out 
She giving up the pussy and you know nigga ready 
But I ain't even tryna wet her


telly trust me im ready
Big pac in the telly 
I got some lil whores n all of em ready
I some lil whores
Make it rain like confetti 
Bitches slurping

alien Freestyle
ACE 617

Smoking on exotic it really got me on lift off 
You can't afford it you piss poor
Bitch in the telly look like you pissed off 
Broski got it he got

Lie 2 Me

Lord Acee

You ain't gotta lie to me 
Just to come kick it
You know we gone smoke 
Rub on my belly
I tell a some jokes 
Now we at the telly 
I give you some

Some Weird Vibration

nigga world
Bitch i feel like I'm Melly
I fuck on a bitch and her
Friends at the telly
Nigga be hatin
These niggas be jelly
I Hiten Mitsurugi right in

Puerto Rican

working lowkey inside a couple Telly's 
You know you kawalling cause you never told me you on welly 

I just made a whop now she think I'm fetty

Lick My Nuts
Young Skipper

can call my balls Giuseppe
I blow up before we start
You'll say (No, she wasn't ready)
Toss TVs
Hotel Parties
Either way we throwing telly's
You can


Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah
Ooooh (Sheesh)

She takes molly
Turn into a zombie, yeah
Baddies in the telly
Sleepover on me, yeah

Dancing on me

Danny Blanko

Don't plot on me like I'm Makaveli
Four months living inna mo telly
Ask the ock at my corner deli
I ran through cribs like Tom and Jerry

He the jam

I Just Ca n’t Be felicitous today

burning the books
The church is in ruins
The priests hang on hooks
The radio's on ice
The telly's been banned
The army's in power
The devil commands

No retail

wanna' know about the harder way
I do not feel like flippin' this pack today
Bitches hittin' my celly wanna' get smacked with me
Fuck his wife in the telly

Kwiik & Lil Jeff

the Telly

All of this money it can't fold so I Said fuck a wallet
My diamonds they been froze like they was from the artic 
She tell me that I go the hardest

Neellzy Music

got to trust in me, if you give me make I chop, I telly nobody

Make I be your Supernova I go buy you things from FashionNova (Ye)
I no go do you

Chillin ‘ on Glee

Jericho/mark Salling

and Mike, Dante Di Loreto.
Telly's talkin' fitness, the crew is great,
I've eaten only yams now for three days straight.
But then I stop for a second
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