The Shocker – Two in the Pink, One in the Stink

Known also by its trademark rhyme, “Two in the pink, one in the stink,” the shocker is one of our culture’s most enduring urban legends, and its over-the-top innuendo has cemented it as one of the most classic of all dirty jokes. Unsurprisingly, most people are disturbed and offended when they find out what the innocent hand gesture really means. Often dismissed as crude and immature, the shocker is thusly overlooked for its cultural and historical contributions. For instance, did you know that the shocker is one of the last urban legends to be born out of word-of-mouth sharing? Introduced today, it would likely become a disposable internet joke. Even more intriguing is how the shocker has remained a mystery to the uninitiated for so long: a middle finger won’t fly in a family photo, but the shocker can slip by unpunished.

The time has come for a deeper plunge into the mystique of the shocker. The time has come for this book.

Like the shocker itself, The Shocker: Two in the Pink, One in the Stink comes in two parts. Part I is a brief-but-intense theory and background of the shocker, which serves as the first, only, and most authoritative work ever produced on the subject. Part II is a collection of 365 hilarious variations on the shocker rhyme; enough for every day of the year! A perfect gift or bathroom reader, The Shocker will provide you and your friends with hours of laughter. Just beware any sneaky pinkies!

Examples from Part II

Two in the Blossom, One in the Awesome
Two in the Child, One in the Wild
Two in the Flirty, One in the Hurty
Two in the Eat, One in the Seat
Two in the Snail, One in the Tail
Two in the Squirt, One in the Hurt
Two in the Funs, One in the Runs
Two in the Classy, One in the Gassy
Two in the Gap, One in the Crap
Two in the Dame, One in the Shame
Two in the Sludge, One in the Fudge
Two in the Party, One in the Farty
Two in the F***, One in the Yuck
Two in the Blood, One in the Mud
Two in the Pimp, One in the Limp
Two in the Kids, One in the Skids
Two in the Bush, One in the Tush
Two in the Drip, One in the Rip
Two in the Fold, One in the Gold
Two in the Easy, One in the Sleazy
Two in the Wet, One in the Regret
Two in the Pregger, One in the Beggar
Two in the Humper, One in the Dumper
Two in the Beaver, One in the Fever
Two in the Porn, One in the Corn

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