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Going to the Top of the Nice List; 1 of ???? by writingwriter969

****This story is a work of fabrication, any character resemblance to actual individuals is coincident and not the intention of the generator. **** ****All characters portrayed in this history are of legal consenting age. **** Trixie was thus excite, it was last the day to visit Santa at her local plaza. All her friends at school had been talking about it this week, and bragging about how they always got such amazing presents. good this year was going to be unlike ! Trixie had made her mind up thursday Read more …
Rating : 93 %, Read 9063 times, Posted Dec 16, 2021

Fiction | Role-playing, Teen, Young

Wild Magic Ch 16-18 by family_fun

My stopcock made squelching sounds as I pounded into her from behind, her soundbox press flat into the wall mirror, while she sucked two of my fingers to stiffle the moans. Her panties rubbed the english of my shaft, so I used my rid hand to pull them aside. She slightly bit down on my finger as her cunt bathed my hammer in her second orgasm. We had left Jessi and Lucy in a hot, incestuous, lesbian pile, and our silent agreement to focus on them was murder. We strolled a few blocks and found one of those Read more …
Rating : 91 %, Read 8577 times, Posted Nov 29, 2021
Fantasy | Anal, At work, Consensual Sex, Incest, Young

Orgasm Competition (Edit: Better Ending) by JasonSensation

Two girls, Rose and Kimberly, just tried out for their school cheerleading team. They got accepted and were invited to an initiation by their more senior cheerlead member, Sasha. Sasha : Hey girls, come on in ! We are sol beaming to get cute girls like yourselves into our squad ! Kim : thank you ! Its exciting to be part of a team ! Sasha : I have some yield punch for you, here. Let me tell you about the squad. Cheerleaders are used to excite members of the football team. They see us, and unconscious Read more …
Rating : 61 %, Read 17533 times, Posted Nov 24, 2021
Diary | School, Young

Dr. Gillman (Part One) by Freaks&Kinks

Words can ’ thymine describe the rejoice I feel in my heart to see my child ’ s 6th-month ultrasound today ! All dolled up, pretty in pink with a lightweight hangman’s rope circus tent flashy pink dress ; I wore my hair down and curly with a ponytail up top complimented by a bubbling gold barrette to match my gold aglitter sandals. You would ’ ve think I had a date but I just wanted to look ampere pretty as I felt ! Laying here in this dim room waiting on my obstetrics staring up at the ceiling, anxiety, and embarrassment washed complete me as I Read more …
Rating : 90 %, Read 9339 times, Posted Nov 16, 2021
Fantasy | At work, Erotica, Lactation, Pregnant, Young

Tricking Trixie: Chapter Two — Losing It by TiasDreams

It had been three days since Mr Wright had exposed himself to his scholar Trixie Daniels. It was time for them to meet ; the teacher had arranged for the two to stay at a brassy motel in the middle of town. Trixie arrived at the hotel precisely when, where and how she had been instructed. She wore her school uniform — a white button up shirt, a light green and black tartan surround and no underwear — and wore her hair in pigtails. To get to the hotel, the student got into an Uber that Mr Wright had Read more …

Rating : 87 %, Read 3547 times, Posted Nov 14, 2021
Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Coercion, Exhibitionism, Female, School, Young

Roxane the neighbor’s daughter by biclou

Roxane the neighbor ‘s daughter episode 1 it happened a few years ago I was doing a small tile occupation for one of my neighbors, and one sidereal day he warns me that he has to be away for the day with his wife and that his daughter would be in college so he gives me the key to the house. The future day I arrive about 9 am open the door with the key and walk towards the bathroom where I had to work and began to undress to change. It was then that I heard moans coming from the board following door. surprise bec Read more …
Rating : 75 %, Read 8668 times, Posted Nov 14, 2021
true Story | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Teen, Young

College Girl Meets The King – Part Two by SilkMoon

Mark ’ sulfur house was a broad, modern bachelor pad with all the amenities. The girls had been here ahead, but nowadays was different. Maddy had received a text that asked both girls to come for a lecture. Attached was a video of the girls having sex with Mark ’ s giant Great Dane, King. reluctantly the two young women showed up adenine instructed. “ Thanks for coming. ” Mark said, looking over the two young women in his living board. “ You very didn ’ thyroxine give us much of a choice. ” Maddy retorted. Maddy, Read more …
Rating : 95 %, Read 23310 times, Posted Nov 11, 2021
Fantasy | Bestiality, Written by women, Young

Wild Magic Ch 1-3 by family_fun

I was enjoying a cool rise in the nature continue near my theater, when I heard a bantam voice calling for help. I searched for the voice in the brush, and soon found it. A bantam calculate, tangled in twigs and spider web, struggled for exemption. I knelt down and cautiously picked it up, taking caution not to crush it. “ Hey. I ‘m here to help. Hold however so I can get you dislodge. ” It obviously understood me and stopped wiggling. As I freed it, I could not believe my eyes. Standing at his full acme of mayb Read more …
Rating : 95 %, Read 77111 times, Posted Nov 04, 2021
Fantasy | Female, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young

The Little Dick Game – 2 by UndeniableUrges

The Little Dick Game – 2 ( m+m, young ) Story Summary – Jared wants to play the game again. Alex doesn ’ t. previous Story Summary –Alex and his school friend discover a newly plot. Note – This is a make of fabrication, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on substantial people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The generator does not condone any sexual activeness among persons under 18 in real life. It is very well to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into world can destroy Read more …
Rating : 71 %, Read 8903 times, Posted Oct 30, 2021
Fiction | Blowjob, Gay, Teen Male, Young

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