Lyrics containing the term: young dumb n full of cum by whale


Blowjob Betty
Too Short

draw in Where You Fit In


and she'll never know how to get it
Blowjob Betty was dumb
A fiend for a fuck and a mouth full of cum
She made money for a minute but she loved the sex

Jack Sh ! thymine

time I talk about coming 2nd is during sex
They say I feel big, walk on these streets like a T Rex
All of 'em young, dumb and full of cum, they don't

My life sentence

gotta be
With thoughts of me, being young full of cum, and dum
Bang da piece, annihilate'em, he's decease, man dat chapters done
She love when you be

Blow Job Betty

A fiend for a fuck and a mouth full of cum
She made money for a minute but she loved the sex
So I cut the bitch loose like a old school vet


Jesus ‘ son

The Seduction of Kansas

like the setting sun
I am Jesus' son, I think I wanna hurt someone
I am Jesus' son, I'm young and dumb and full of cum
I am Jesus' son, I think I'm

You Are o
Watkin Tudor Jones

a kid who hasn't lost his powers yet

If ya young dumb full of cum they can come 'n get some
If you're over 21 keep yourself in check son

Remy Ma

of the cum squad
And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz
Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj
You paid for your brother's wedding?

law 12-15
$ treble

the youngstaz be dumb
All us convicted and still tote a gun
14 with a baby, they fuck when they young
And get back to business right after they cum

Lil bitch I

Alonzo Brunn

Rodgers we greenbay 
Freeze wait
We full adults you teenage
You premature 
Lil young n***a
Go stupid boy
Go dumb n***a
That's a warmup 
That was fun N***a

long Way Home

Qash G

nigga lame plus he cant even plug right
Just another baby mama looking dumb like
Young dumb dripping cum
Out of sight and out of mind
All he do is give

Dick Pleaser
Lil Wayne

How she dont suck dick but expect for me to eat her.?
That hoe crazy man and you dont wanna meet her.
But her home girl nita swallow cum by the liter.

Purple Hills

shady fifteen

gone, it's probably numb
Young, dumb and full of cum
And I think he 'bout to swallow his tongue

Scary ass, it was a false alarm
You think I'm 'bout

By Any Means
The Diplomats

she don't complain
Get it? She take it off, she don't cum playin'

Yeah, we gettin' rich by any means (by any means)
She want the dick by any means

esteem on My name
Trisket Fargo

the save by the bell
Money gone come by the mail
Put a whole in his top like a whale You gone talk if they cut you deal
I can’t make this shit up if it’s

Bad Thoughts

Filling fuck boys 
With fury n anger
Young Crane
Crow just clogging my brain
Puffing on the dust
That will drive you insane
Making minimum wage

Antmoe Da Honcho

Young nigga came from the trenches
Nigga the odds is against ya
Stay out the way 
If a dumb nigga play
Then we know how to use them utensils

 A young

love !
Steven Celi

this is just the first draft
Give these girls long neck legs bent backwards that giraffe
Inspired by young dick
Already got you hesitant to bump this

I Had to Take Notes !

GamedogYT, Tenacious Hood

Yo what's up fam
Do I know you
Nah, but I have something to tell you

I'm young, dumb and full of cum with yo' ass
What's your ass doing sippin
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