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Bad Boy Billy 2

floor by Kyle Falls

truncheon and Noah are at the promenade. Is this very or just for usher ? besides Tommy and his crowd are there angstrom well. Read on to find out what happens
Topics : rim, Jerking Off, Forced, Cum Swallow, Bullies, Oral Sex

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

story by MCVT
To Me You Are beautiful – Half-brothers Carmine and Rodrigo create a animal populace between them. One is dedicated to his passion. The other dances through life to music no one else can hear, leaving parts of himself along the way .
Topics : latin man, Anal Sex, Brothers, Romance, Prostitution, Incest, Drugs

Holiday Flash 4 U

story by MCVT
solicitation of flash/micro fabrication. dispatch stories about men at the holidays. Fast read .
Topics : fabrication

I Warmed Up Paperboy’s Cold Extremities

floor by Robbie Webb
An 18 year old paperboy receives some loving wish on a cold winter ‘s day. ( update interpretation )
Topics : anal sex, Teens & Youth

Mississippi Gay Boy 2

narrative by munichguy
This is a good continuation of my growing up gay in Mississippi. I was 13 and 14 during the period of this chapter .
Topics : Friends, Bathroom, Teens & Youth, Oral Sex

Moving on 3

narrative by Zeen
depart 3. As a rupture starts to develop between Carlos and members of Las Sombras, he proposes a avant-garde plan to get back on the thoroughly graces of those whom he considers his brothers .
Topics : latin man, Public Sex, Teens & Youth, Oral Sex

Prison Island 40

report by Daemon D. Hart
Leaving the island .
Topics : fiction, Teens & Youth

Skippy’s Cock Tales 10

history by Scott Grimes
“ Come get the cock, Skippy ! Come suck the dick, male child ! Crawl to me, pamper. Come and suck…suck…suck…it, faggot ! ” His voice was deeper and more command than always. His smirk…unchanged .
Topics : anal arouse, Military, Verbal, Boypussy, Humour, Domination

The Hung Bunch Enter High Society

narrative by major Tom
“ Hors d’oeuvre, sir ? ” asked the cunning young homosexual cater waiter wearing mean black pants and a whiten shirt holding a tray of shrimp things. “ No thanks, do you provide other services to guests ? ” I said while tugging the bulge in my jeans packed with my thick eight hard abridge inches. I was so horned up by everything, I needed a cock sucking like right now .
Topics : big Dick, Group Sex, Bathroom, Glory Hole, Cum Dump, Teens & Youth, Young Top

The Hung Bunch Go Hollywood

floor by major Tom
We ’ five hundred never thought about hooking up with person thus previous. But he was a 42-year-old Oscar-winning movie star topology who was then into us, paid us and now we were in his hotel suite. He was horned to take on four hang 18-year-old stud. “ Deeper ! Fuck me deeper ! ” He howled in his conversant voice .
Topics : Piss, Big Dick, Group Sex, Cum Dump, Coercion, Hotels, Teens & Youth, Degradation, Young Top


The Lost Boys Emporium 2

story by Scott Sauce
Aiden grew up on the street. He ‘s used to being cold, wet, dirty. He ‘s used to having nothing, to scantily surviving. To people on the street, the Lost Boys Emporium is a myth, a fantasy. Or at least it ‘s a fantasy until one day Aiden is rescued by one of the Emporium ‘s Collectors. Aiden ‘s life is turned top down in the identical best ways possible .
Topics : anal sex, Teens & Youth, Master & Slave, Rentboy

The Mansion Boys…and Girl 5

history by Alex Ryder
Blaze has an by chance hot meeting with Wagner and learns that Garrett can be found. Harrison tells Jack he ca n’t be what Jack wants him to be. Things turn dark as Alex meets Calista and takes advantage of her. It does n’t end well for Alex .
Topics : Rough Sex, Big Dick, Romance, Relationship, Transformation, Domination, Submission

Trains Don’t Stop For Cocksuckers

story by Rusty Slocum
A young man in a small southern township becomes obsessed with the idea of getting a cock sucking from the local whore. What he does n’t expect is an offer from her son. . .
Topics : anal arouse, First Time, Prostitution, Incest, Historical, Teens & Youth, Oral Sex
33 Votes

1 in a Billion 2

fib by Gaz
After Ethan ‘s usher things got sexually charged. Having him around made me rethink my sex but I was n’t going through with it .
Topics : rim, Voyeurism, Threesome, College, Teens & Youth, Oral Sex, sex
78 Votes

18 virgin

narrative by Doc
He was a pure
Topics : Bareback, Teens & Youth, Virgin, Sex

179 Votes

18-Year-Old Makes Move on Family’s Gardener

narrative by Naughty Eric
My list is Chance, the 18-year-old son of a affluent class. I spent several weeks attempting to seduce Butch, our family ‘s fine-looking and rugged gardener. Butch looked like a greek God codified. I hope your readers get your rocks off like I did with Butch .
182 Votes

18-Year-Old Son of My Landlady Is No Angel

report by Naughty Eric
Boris, a big bulky blond and blue eyed Scandinavian-type scantling and blue-collar road construction overseer, rents an apartment from Louise, the coach of a large apartment complex. He meets her 18-year-old son who turns out not to be an angel .
Topics : blond
32 Votes

18th Birthday Lapdance

floor by Avarice
Kelly decides to give his best friend Maxine a lapdance for her 18th birthday but it soon turns out that the lapdance garnered more than merely attention from Maxine ‘s big uncle .
181 Votes

19-Year-Old Red Headed Waiter Seduced Me

narrative by Naughty Eric
About a week ago, I went to my favored restaurant for lunch and there was a newly gorgeous red-headed male waiter that served me. This is the history of how, as a 38-year-old lawyer, I was seduced by this young stud, the waiter. The fib quickly turns to the most erotic hot aroused man sex .
Topics : redhead
54 Votes

21-Year-Old Bartender has Steamy Sex Aboard Luxury Yacht with 45-Year-Old Owner Toby

narrative by Naughty Eric
Anthony, a 21-year-old gorgeous bartender at a lake recourse restaurant and browning automatic rifle, meets Toby, a affluent middle-aged serviceman and owner of a luxury yacht. Anthony joins Toby on his yacht for a weekend of muggy sex .

39 Votes

21st birthday

fib by asslover
Read to know about Peter and his birthday celebration .
Topics : anal sex, Teens & Youth
164 Votes

3 friends

floor by Brobeans123
2 friends and me become closer .
Topics : Friends, Teens & Youth, Oral Sex
37 Votes

A Boy Named Beau 2

fib by J.P .
Finishing up the old stories I did n’t finish. A draw of people want a region 2 to this, so I gave in, and I ‘m planning to make a 3rd and 4th .
Topics : anal arouse, Teens & Youth
39 Votes

A Boy Named Chris 19

report by Bigtool4u
fair as Dale was going to stab Chris with the knife, the door to the sign of the zodiac outburst open and Tim came through the door .
Topics : Teens & Youth
126 Votes

A Boy’s Education

fib by james rozo
A boy spends the summer on his Uncle ’ s farm. Working, play, and experimenting with older cousins, he receives a germinal department of education .
Topics : Brothers, First Time, Incest, Teens & Youth, Oral Sex, Submission
102 Votes

A Campus Kiss

floor by Pete Gentle
I ‘m bismuth, and I never kiss on a hookup. But when a twink with a “ highly sensitive body ” meets up with me, he awakens something I ‘ve never experienced. If alone we ‘d chosen a less dangerous spot …
Topics : asian Men, Teens & Youth
70 Votes

A Cellular Desire

history by Jake
Growing up and trying to find love is hard for a new eighteen class old homosexual boy, but he may find luck at this new web site, or possibly might find what it ‘s like in the grown up universe …
Topics : anal sexual activity, Big Dick, Teens & Youth
144 Votes

A Change Of Heart

narrative by cyravance
He was a smasher, so I looked back .
Topics : anal sex, Teens & Youth, Oral Sex
41 Votes

A Cream-Covered Dick is My Weakness

narrative by Alex
When I had a bad day at work, Alex knew precisely how to cheer me up and help me relax. He wanted to give me a massage with a glad ending, but ended up sexting me all night and trading dick pics for the first meter .
Topics : Teens & Youth
217 Votes

A doctor’s visit 3

story by Nigel Lengthworthy
After a long day full of surprises Adam visits his neighbor John .
Topics : anal sex, Neighbour, Teens & Youth

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